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Inferno by Dante has been screened twice to VIPs only as a "Work-in-Progress". First at the Cannes film festival market on May 21st, 2008 and second and last time on April 19th, 2009 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dante's Inferno Documented - Cannes 2008 Palais K screening theater The screening in Cannes was a first test to get a realistic input of the film potential and the direction it should take. Even though, at that particular time, the film was in its infancy, we got a great positive feeling from a VIP international audience. Giulio De Bernardi, and Lalo Cibelli along Tommaso Frisina drove from Bellagio and Rome respectively to pay homage to the first production in the film industry of Dante's Inferno as documentary.

The screening at UCLA was a test to get a needed feedback from film professionals to refine the film. Among the VIPs that were part of this small audience were Oscar winner editor Thom Noble, cinematographer Chuck Schuman from Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D and UCLA Italian department Head Professor Massimo Ciavolella, who cordially extended the invitation to use the UCLA Royce Hall screening room for such special event. The feedback received was mainly in person and verbally, however, here are some of the ones received by email, with its suggestions edited out. Dante's Inferno Documented Screening building

From Oscar Winner Editor Thom Noble: Dear Boris, first of all let me say that it was a pleasure to meet you after all these months and to congratulate you on the documentary. The format works really well having people relate the various circles and chasms. It gives a feeling of intimacy to the film and an easy access into Dante's Inferno by way of their shared enthusiasm for the book. I feel anything I can do to help you in your grand endeavor is to the good of the film finally. After all, this is my area of expertise. Thank you once again for inviting me. Best wishes, Thom Noble

January 2016:

From Professor Dennis Slattery: Hi Boris, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to your beautiful creation. Your cast of speakers is extraordinary. The texture that they gave collectively to the project is sure to please audiences globally.  I found that speakers beautifully highlighted the mythic figures that Dante uses so dramatically throughout. I had not seen them as clearly until your film. While no one I recall used the terms contra passo, many pointed to how the condition of the souls' suffering was an inversion of or extension of what they transgressed in life. Very fine. That's it. What an achievement you have made, Boris. I am so honored to be a part of it.

From Armand Mastroianni: I just watched it and it's a first class production on a grand scale! I only have praise for Inferno By Dante! Such an accomplished job, visually exciting and moving at the proper pace you keep the viewer captivated. It's been a long road but you finally got there!!!  Bravo Boris

From Christina July Kim: The film looks incredible - it totally has surpassed my expectations of when we first started filming this, years and years ago. The coolest thing about this is that I truly do think that your film should be incorporated into the educational system here in the US - all high school students read Dante's inferno and I think it would be of great value to show them the film.

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